The collection “Unclothed” was successfully presented in the “Bourzma Boutique 2023”  fashion show. The theme of this show was upcycle, recycle and anti-fast fashion, that’s why the main idea behind the collection is that the most sustainable fashion choice you could make is just not buy that many clothes. And who you are as a person is more important than what you are wearing.

The collection is made from deconstructed second-hand clothing, integrating translucent fabrics to emphasize what is visible underneath – the people wearing them.

Elza Ābele is a Latvian multi-media artist. She is known for her photography art which can be seen on her Instagram profile @elza.abele and various different art installations in different exhibitions in Latvia. She also studies at the Art Academy of Latvia in Visual Communication. Her art is unique, eccentric and meaningful. She often uses herself as the main subject of her artworks to talk about issues that are important to her.