Earring collection „(un)protective talismans” by Latvian artist Elza Ābele. The artist designed this collection, drawing inspiration from the various protectors and saviors that people tend to believe, such as talismans, amulets, and other sacred things. Not only in a religious sense, but also all the little possessions that people hold dearest to them in everyday life. For example, Ibuprofen won’t always heal all the pain, just like a plaster won’t always be big enough for a blister. However, for a moment, they can very useful indeed!

These earrings possess both beauty and strangeness, being highly practical yet seemingly impractical at the same time. They are like unprotective talismans.

Elza Ābele is a Latvian multi-media artist. She is known for her photography art which can be seen on her Instagram profile @elza.abele and various different art installations in different exhibitions in Latvia. She also studies at the Art Academy of Latvia in Visual Communication. Her art is unique, eccentric and meaningful. She often uses herself as the main subject of her artworks to talk about issues that are important to her.