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Originally lonexone was made as a visual art platform. In June 2019 producer and beatmaker aivis joined the team.  Considering the fact that we are huge admirers of teampower, it`s obvious that aivis bailed on his solo plans and thus, the lonexone studio was borned.

Influenced by artists like Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak, Tom Misch, FKJ, ansis, Masego and others, you can clearly see that hip-hop is our jam. And we love all its spectra – trap, jazzhop, lo-fi, east coast, etc. Don`t get fooled by labels tho. It`s not like we won`t make anything besides hip-hop music. If you can get us grooving, we are in!

aivis is a fresh cucumber in the scene, and he is thirsty for producing. Check our music and beats down below, and if you feel the groove, contact us! We are truly ready to make awesome music for awesome people.

Late sesh

Cure for anxiety

Thursday Rythms

Cat & Papa

Other beats

Holy shit we can rap! Feel free to download this white kid trap and blast it in front of your friends in your car, birthday party, business meeting, hell, even your grandmas funeral. Trust me, you`ll get everybody hyped like apes!


Other Services

Music is fun, but there are other usages of audio recordings. And we will hapilly help you with all of them.

Advertisement voice overs, e-books, sounds for movies and short films, podcasting set-ups…  basically anything that involves getting your sound in digital format. We have all the gear and a sound engineer.

Just give us a call 😉