Lonexone experience 09

Alpha vacation 1.2

On the second day, we woke up and wanted to relax a little bit, so we decided to have a beach day. The weather was just right. As we got to the beach, we found a spot for us to chill at the back of the beach in the cover of the bushes.

Some of us went swimming while others were sunbathing. After a while, wild Russian swimmers appeared and ‘Spotu lokators’ challenged them for a volleyball match. Needless to say, our alpha spirit and physical abilities didn’t let us down and we came out victorious.

Everyone on this trip had to complete one challenge and this was a perfect chance to challenge Rihards to participate, as Rihards, well let’s say, he does not like volleyball.

While our volleyball team was destroying their opponents, a weird guy came to our camp and was standing right next to us, not saying a word, not looking at us, just standing in the sun. He continued this for more than half an hour, after that he was joined by some random guy. As we had gotten enough of the beach and were leaving, they started to pass the ball.

We got home, cooled down a bit, had a meal and were ready to go to see the old town of Tallinn and Linnhall. As we went through the city, we saw an amazing street artist’s performance. That reminded us of our musician friend ‘Modelis’, whom we challenged to earn one Euro by improvising a performance. He decided on playing an air guitar to AC/DC – Thunderstruck with JBL charge audio. Eventually, he got a few drunk people to dance, sadly though he didn’t earn anything in the end.

Linnhall is an abandoned theatre, from the outside it’s a serious concrete building, but on the inside, it still has a theatre interior. Inside of Linnhall hosts various unorthodox events such as Drone competition. From the top of the building, you can see a beautiful view of the city and seaside.

We had a chance to witness a marvelous sunset on the roof of this building while passing around ‘Somersbys’.

We took the last of our shots, as it was starting to turn dark, and went on our way.

Exhausted but happy we finally got home. Not all of us were so tired as the brothers decided to take each other on to arm wrestling match. Both of them were extremely confident.

In the end, ‘Jautājumu uzdevējs’ showed himself better and earned bragging rights until the next match. Congrats to the victor!

Written by Toms Bekeris

Edited by Kārlis Kalniņš


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