lonexone experience 07

In the summer of 2018, we had not fully formed as a family yet, but most of us managed to group up to participate in the “Playground” festival. Everyone was excited, especially me, because it was our crew’s first-ever festival experience.

The crew met at the famous culture center CirkleK and went shopping for drinks and food to survive the event. With full hands of supplies, we went on our way. As we arrived at the 333-track entrance the security guard asked us: “Do you have any alcohol, drugs or weapons in the car?”. We politely answered that we don’t have any of that. Right at that moment he checked the glove box and found a butter knife. In a very serious voice, he told us to put it further away and let us through the gate.

By the time we parked our car, boys had already cracked open a few cold ones. After getting warmed up in the parking lot, we were ready to set up our camp. I was well prepared, or so I thought. My tent turned out to be completely useless against rain and my air mattress could hold air for no more than half an hour. And of course, it was raining like hell most of the time.

The event was magnificent, Singapūras Satīns, Ozols and Skutelis had amazing performances. The atmosphere throughout the festival was magnificent, it felt like everything is in harmony.

The night brought us some more excitement with the rave stage and DJ oriole. Music combined with strobe lights created a perfect setting for a grate rave action. Handyman and Pirmais trendā went wild and got up to the stage and raved with a blow-up doll.

The second day started by riding with longboards, I didn’t have my own, so I accommodated Rihard’s board. I drove around and saw that many people were rolling through the fountain. I didn’t think much and tried it as well, but at the moment I didn’t understand that I was destroying the bearings of Rihard’s board.

The day continued with Modelis taking on a crazy challenge – Taking a downhill ride from the hill using his skateboard with longboard wheels. Riding surface was muddy and gritty and the hill itself was very steep. He tried a few times. Every time he got hurt more and more, but he was in a beast mode and just kept going. In the end, he succeeded by driving 3/4 of the way. At one point he’s hand looked weird and we thought he had broken it, but he was alright in the end. Modelis showed us an example of pure dedication. After that one guy drove down the hill straight into the lake with a rental bike. People took notice and joined in on the new activity.

On the second night, we were just hanging around the camp and two random guys approached us and offered some soda. Rihard’s had a few sips and we started chatting. It turned out that these guys had no bracelets. They were living near-by and decided to check out the festival, so they just climbed over the fence.

In the morning Spotu lokators went to catch some shots of the sunrise. I finally could go to sleep for one hour in his tent as mine was destroyed by the storm and did look like anything, but not a tent. As he was watching the sunset, he saw the two guys lumping over the fence to head back home.

When I woke up, we got our heads straight and started packing. Only thing I could think about was home. The event had ended, we were happy and exhausted. It was time to head home. I was so tired, that when I got in the car, I felt asleep instantly. When we arrived at my house guys were not able to wake me up for quite a moment. As I finally woke up, I couldn’t understand that I was already home, in my head only a few seconds had passed.

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