lonexone experience 06

This might be a bit longer blog as it was extra spicy and full of action. This blog is very close to my heart as this was my top3 adventure yet, but I think it will stay that way for a long time.

Last year in February I had my extra-large 18th birthday party. I had rented a nice place with a sauna, a huge garden, and a pond. I had prepared a lot of drinks and food. Everything was perfectly prepared. 
The evening was magical because I had many friends from different circles, but everyone was cool and had a great time. Brothers had brought their boombox and everyone was vibing Russian club music as they were the strongest influence. Speaking of Russians, they were especially friendly. My friend Kirils had one of his great Polka performances over some rave-type tracks. At one point even Rihards was waiting to get shots like a little kid waiting in a line for candy.

When it came to the tradition of lifting me on a chair as many times as my age is at the moment. Mc Emdiks said F chair let’s get the sofa after that 10 dudes just brought out sofa. That was just an amazing experience, I thought I was flying.
On the second floor, there was a room with a novus table. As I was playing, I heard a loud shouting on the first floor. I went down and realized that an uninvited guest had arrived, it (yes exactly), it was a dude from high school whom I had a fight with … twice. But everything was cool because my Russian friends were buffed mean-looking mfuckas, one of them was three-time raining Latvian heavy-weight boxing Champ at his age, and the uninvited guest left pretty fast without any conflict. 
Party continued to the point when we ran out of alcohol. The funny thing about drinks was that someone forgot 1 liter of vodka under the table that would have kept the party alive for at least one more hour as we were forced to drink Hektors (I had it as a last resort). 
The next day was just beautiful, it was February, but the sun was shining and the weather was warm. We woke up, had our morning smoke and spontaneously decided to have a trip. 
We had packed our things and were about to leave as we had to decide to leave Mc Emdiks behind. We had tried everything to wake him up and nothing had worked. As it turned out he had not slept for 3 days. We left him a survival kit to make him feel a little bit more like a human when he hopefully wakes up in mid-day.

Spotu lokators did an amazing job finding the spot and we had our sights on an abandoned hotel 100 meters from the shore of the Baltic sea. No one was having a hangover because we had already started to drink again. On our way, we had a wonderful stop near a forest. As we went through the woods, we discovered a beautiful lake. It was an amazing view; Sun was reflecting in the water. The atmosphere was just magical as we sparked three up.

When we reached our destination, it was very hard to find a parking spot. We realized that the destination was a 40-minute walk away only then when we were already half-way through. The crew was tired because of the last night’s party and we decided to walk back to the cars and just drive in illegally, this way we had to walk just one-way length in total.
Finally, we got to the spot and went around the guard’s post through the woods to explore the huge building. On the roof, there was a huge frozen puddle and not for the first time we started doing 14-year-old stuff which was the joy of kicking ice blocks around on the roof of a 12-story building.

The view was just exceptional, we were relatively high, above sea level, and we were so close that we could see the shore above the 30 meters long trees. Lighting was perfect, we arrived right on time for golden hour.

Everyone got their shot and we finally headed for home. It was an exhausting, but an amazing weekend for the crew and everyone just went straight to bed.

Shout out to Modelis for dropping my birthday pretzel on the floor. Don’t worry it wasn’t damaged too badly and everyone ate it anyway.

Blog Post written by Toms Bekeris;
Edited by Kārlis Kalniņš

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