lonexone experience 05

It was a casual working day for me, I had no idea that we are going on a trip until the midnight when my shift ended, and the crew just randomly pulled up. And so, I didn’t think much and hoped in the car.

I was a bit underdressed for a cold night in spring. At the time we were traveling around in Arthurs Bad-ass Passat B4. It was an amazing car, sound system was loud as hell, salon was made out of lather, it was huge and comfy, but most amazing thing was that it ran on air and good thoughts. All of those things made it worth driving in it with 2 non-closable windows and freezing to near death. Although, the driver felt alright because of powerful heating on his side.

At first our plan was to drive to an airstrip and see how planes were taking off and landing, but when we got to the airstrip, for a surprise not one plane was in our sights. We were a bit disappointed and went on our way to find a new spot.

Eventually we found a dark, huge park and decided to take a walk. It was completely dark and after walking for a bit, right in front of our noses spawned a huge abandoned 12 story building, it didn’t take long as we were inside.

Sadly, not a minute passed that we realized that stairs where blocked by a brick wall, we almost gave up but then we discovered that the side wall of the stairs was made out of wood. Immediately “Modelis” used his deadly skills and started to throw kicks at the wall. My Handyman’s raw power and “Modelis” karatist experience got us through eventually. We went up, enjoyed the view, passed sometime around and went further. As we continued our walk, we discovered 3 other buildings in similar fashion.

At one point we got lost and did not have any idea where our cars were, it was 6.30 in the morning, I was freezing, but at least we were on friendship street.

Finally, we found our cars and headed home. On the way we made our final stop for a smoke at a parking lot of an abandoned hotel and drove home. At 8.35 I went to sleep at Arthurs house, it was a tiering trip.

Sadly, no pictures were taken as our main camera man was left at home and it was a pitch-black night anyway.

Sincerely, Lonexone team!

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