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Christmas is that time of the year you spend with your family, have a festive meal together, exchange with heartwarming presents and just enjoy each other’s company. And that’s exactly what Lonexone family did, but as always, we spiced it up with some action.

It was an early morning for the crew (9AM), we gathered together at our trip starting point near our first office – the best, the one and only Cirkle K, jumped in the car’s and took off. Recently our team joined 11th member – our cat Mäkii, our Christmas wouldn’t be complete without her, so we made a cat-plaid burrito and took her with us.

On our way to weekend residence we stopped for a smoke. Of course, it wasn’t a random bus stop. We drove off on some unknown road, it was pretty challenging for Arthur and he’s Mercedes. We drove for a while and found a beautiful abandoned building near a lake. Lightning was great, we took our shots and went on our way.

We arrived at our destination, unpacked and went for a relax – session to spa. To be honest everything didn’t go as well we imagined, spa was full of people and everything was crowdy. Everything started with us 10 squeezing into a 6 – person jacuzzi, after that we certified our dominance as alfa-male specimens and took over a kids pool, then we followed up with going to saunas and people couldn’t do anything else as they just went away, because whole sauna is needed for us.

After sauna session we headed back home and dressed up to go for a dinner at Garden of Rome. It was a very pleasant experience; we had our separate room with a table for 10.

Food and wine were just excellent, atmosphere was great, waiter was amazing, it felt like the room was made just for us.

Happy, with full stomachs we went back home. At Christmas we all randomly assigned a member whom you will gift to with a budget of 14.99, and so the moment had arrived. Surprisingly and amazingly, everyone had gotten a very useful and cool gift, then we continued to party at our flat.

The next day we went out to get some donuts from the local market. As this far everything was about relaxing, we were thirsty for some action. So, we drove off to hang around fort ruins near the see.

We had our 3man camera jutsu activated and we took a lot of good shots, but because every shot needed a while to set up, rest of the crew got bored and we started to run around the forest. We felt wild in the woods and started doing 14year-old stuff. One of my Christmas gifts was a powerful set of cherry bombs called “EXPLODER 4”. So, we messed around with those, also we found an underground container, stood on top of it, drank champagne standing in a circle while dropping some of the cherry bombs into container.

After getting bored of the spot we went on to find a new location. Many options were found but none-accessible at day-time. Tired, but not disappointed everyone gathered to spark up last ones.

Event had ended, crew drove off except for Modelis and Padlu Aizbiedētājs, they stayed a day longer to enjoy the night life of the Local.


In this trip Dārznieks couldn’t participate because of health issues, so it was an opportunity to test our Beta member. He was given challenges during the trip to prove he is a true alfa and worthy member of the Lonexone crew.

For him trip started unlucky and quite sad, as during the spa session he left his locker open and went away for 30 seconds to eat some candy. This escalated very quickly as his gold chain was stolen, it was very precious chain gifted by his parents, material value was very high while emotional value was priceless. After that he failed the challenge to get drunk by Hektors and few others. Although some challenges were passed, he was a bit sad during the whole trip and his performance was not up to par. Let’s hope he proves himself better next time.

Article created by ‘Lonex.one’ team!

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