lonexone experience 03

Our trips, more often than not, are spontaneous and start as a result of our thirst for action.” - Toms Beķeris

It was an ordinary day, we were having a Naruto session in our office, which was actually Arthur’s and Rihard’s huge flat. It was a very cold winter night, everything outside was frozen.

We had been playing for some time and got bored of each other, then we started to brainstorm trip ideas and went through google maps, searching for spots. After a while we decided to revisit Tervete as it was already 1 AM and we didn’t want to drive too far.

We got our warmest clothes, packed our boombox nStuff and got on our way.

When we arrived boombox was blasting some Russian “kolbasi”. As we were vibing the music we started our hike through the woods.

First, we decided to head to dwarf city, I think we got lost pretty fast, because we walked around for 40 minutes, but eventually we got there, had some fun and tried out the little dwarf houses. Sadly, it was too dark for our gear to get any shots there.

After that we decided to go after a large watchtower.

We found a way in ease and got to the tower. For disappointment it was closed (obviously at 3 AM), but at least we had to try to get up, so we started to search for a larger opening between wooden planks. We found some passable opening. As Rihard put his head and shoulder through, alarm went off. Everyone said: “F this, Top Gear”, and ran, except for Rihard’s trustful brother Arthur.

After initial shock we regrouped and tried to figure out is anyone coming to check out cause of the alarm. What would we say? What should we do? What can we do? So, we considered our options and logically decided to go in full Navy-seals mode.

We were cautiously moving towards the exit. As we saw a vehicle’s headlights in distance we ran in the woods and hid behind some randomly placed shed. Car stopped and security guard got out and started looking around through his infrared lens. We duck as low as we could and laid low for a while.

Guard finally drove off and only a few moments later, suddenly, someone approached us and it scared the shit out of us. It was in that moment when we realized that it was Guntis, and he was missing the whole time. He told us that he was literally lying in moss right next to the guard while he was looking around. I can imagine how much adrenaline was pumping through him.

We shook off the snow of our clothes and continued to head to the exit, we had to go through dwarf city again, the only problem was that there were cameras everywhere. We decided to go around through the forest. As we were getting closer and closer to the exit, I thought that Guard will just wait for us at the end, which would be pretty logical. And we were partly thinking about what to say.

As we approached the exit there were no one waiting for us, and we drove off home exhausted, dirty, freezing, but filled with feeling of accomplishment.

We had our last stop and called it “A Night at 4.33 in The Morning”.

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