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Some times when we are tired from our trips or daily life, one of our favorite activities is to play a videogame – Naruto (NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4).

We started playing Naruto more than a year ago, and most of the squad didn’t know how to. But as the time went by, everyone got involved, except ‘Pirmais trendā’. Lonexone crew consists of 10 ALFA males, so, as You could imagine, the atmosphere is very competitive.

Naruto went from just a relaxation and escape from our daily routine to a competitive sport and a must to win every game, type-deal. It became a source of action, a thing our souls are constantly seeking.

But then we got bored playing with each other, at that point we started to search for new opponents. Then we discovered some of our friends in Town were playing too. We started to have a Naruto-sessions in ‘J’ city with them, and we got so competitive, that there was a need to know who is the ultimate Naruto player in our community.

Exactly today, last year in the Town, we had our first and sadly, our only Naruto tournament yet.

There were a lot more participants than before, so brackets were created. Evening was relaxed, friendly and harmonious, but at the same time competitive and aggressive when it came to game time. At first everyone got warmed up, then we sparked up an enormous cross-fatty and got in to the action.

Fights were getting more intense with each game, as it progressed to an amazing final fight between Lonexone spiritual Leader & Founder Rihards and our good friend, and amazing person Elmars. In the end Rihards got the best of Elmars and took the win. It was an amazing night and I hope that this commemorating blog will unite us again for another tournament!

Congrats to the Champ-Champ Rihards. A huge shout out to the host Carl Bush, who provided us with a great place for the event and great food for our souls. Big thanks to Elmars for photo work and an exciting final game.

Big shout out to Lonexone team for yet another great story from their memory book! Stay tuned for more..

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