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These will be a series of blogs about our trips to various places” - Lonex.one

The trip day started pretty normal, I was drinking my hemp tea and listening to Joe Rogan podcast, but then I received a message that the whole crew is coming over to Liepāja. When everybody arrived, we went out to eat. As it was lunch special, we all had a delicious chicken with rice and a beautiful mushroom soup with crusts from Red Sun Buffet. Then we thought we had to explore the city as it was first time when the whole crew was visiting. So…

We went out & walked for a while, we were discussing that my apartment needs a cat.. Nothing interesting really happened, but then we found a beautiful place near the harbor, there was a huge complex of abandoned buildings which used to be a large factory. Every spot of entrance was blocked, fences where high with barbwires all over, and had a wide-open view from the street, we almost didn’t go for this amazing spot.

We walked around the back and found an entrance via huge concrete block near the fence without barbwires, so tactically went jumping over the fence to explore the territory. As we got in, at first there was nothing of our interest, but then, as we went through some kind of gates, we saw an incredible place, It looked something like out of a movie, we felt like little kids and started to run around, as our photographers were doing their magic. When we had our shots, we had one last building left to explore, it was right on the main street.

It was the darkest building of the bunch, we hang around, but one of us saw a guard with a dog through window. Somehow, we separated, and guard caught 3 of us, it was pretty scary. He was stereotypically looking Russian guard with bad-ass looking dog. As we approached guard house, we realized it was in the middle of our “playground”, and he must have been sleeping the whole time. We called our remaining members. As the guard saw 7 more people, the only thing he could say was: “Ой вля (oh fu**)”

Guard turned out to be really cool, we had a little chit chat and as he told us that we had to go, he offered us little kitties. When he opened the door there was a large box full of kittens, sadly we couldn’t take them at the time. But we were very happy about how everything turned out.

At this point we have decided to give home for 2 cats, plan is to visit this guy again and bring him a bottle of vodka and a bag of cat food.

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