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LONEXONE is a young and unique production company based in Riga, Latvia, founded by Rihards Goldmanis.

We love creating. And we praise the power of teamwork. It was January, 2020. when we realized, that we can`t keep our creation skills only to ourselves. Our mission was clear – reach out to people and help them convert their genius ideas into aesthetic art masterpieces.

So we encourage you to team up with us.

We can produce variety of content. Photo, video, audio in any state and form that you need. Contact with us trough e-mail, give us a call or we can arrange a meeting in a park and have a picnic. We`ll discuss specifics and start the hard work as soon as needed.



We don`t just take photos. We capture the soul of the moment.

Photo project vision is developed by our Junior talent – Artūrs Goldmanis. A true artist as we call him. Top of the class student in Liepājas university, “New media art” program, Artūrs will do his best in anything he does.

Outdoors and indoors, sun or rain, any day, any time. Nothing scares us. Our team is ready to travel across the Seven Seas for your perfect photo shoot.



Music videos, skits, product adds, short films…. whatever you need. We have ideas, resources and desire to make art. Full package for a perfect video content maker crew.

If we are talking videos, founder Rihards will be your main guy. Video making skills learned and refined trough 8 years of daily practice. Shooting, lighting, editing, color grading – Rihards is basically a one man army. Imagine what happens when this guys gets to be in charge of a 10 man video making team for your project.

Hard working, positive, full of energy, young and ambitious team will be sharing their secrets to achieve LONEXONE signature epicness and cinematicness to your footage.



We have a STUDIO!! Technically and spiritually led by humble, talented, genius producer aivis.

Influenced by hip hop, soul, jazz, funk, R&B music, aivis has developed his unique producing skills and he is ready to make hard bangers, soft ballads and everything between for ya!

Also speech recording, advertisement voice overs, e-books, etc. Everything that involves getting your voice to .mp3 file we can deliver to you.



Artūrs Goldmanis

Junior creator

Aivars Šaicāns

Creative producer

SCOUT team

Toms Beķeris


Mikus Svikulis

Wild Card

Ernests Matisons

closest thing to Attorney


Guntis Klints


Raivis Kalniņš




Reliable & Creative

We ultimately want only one thing – quality content. Achieving that is easy with our work ethic. Give 100%, enjoy the process and results are guaranteed.

Oh yeah, one more thing. The prices…

Prices are unpredictable and will vary depending on the project. We set them on mutual agreement after we have discussed all the specifics. Sounds pretty nice right?

Have a great day!

team l1x1