lonexone experience 08

Last year in summer we were on a week-long trip to Tallinn. It was very packed and I can’t possibly cover it in one blog, so I’m starting a series titled “Alpha vacation”.

We were planning this trip for more than half a year, and the hype was just unreal. We had booked a villa just outside the city. Our transport was the OG Peugeot 407 and Mercedes class C.

Peugeot had a hard task of pulling a huge trailer with our bikes, boards, food, gear, and supplies.

As always, we met at our spot – CircleK and started the journey.

There were 10 of us and there were just 2 cars, which meant that HandymanModelis, and Padlu aizbiedētājs had to squeeze into the back of the smaller C class Mercedes. Weather was hot and sunny and we were sweating like pigs – but hyped and happy pigs.

Of course, while driving to Tallinn we made a few smoke-stops. In one of them, we even managed to squeeze in a quick workout. Surprisingly enough, our beta member at the time was Padlu aizbiedētjs. He had a lot of challenges in front of him to become a true Alpha, but you could see the strong spirit right from the start. He had really bad teeth pain and what looked like a broken toe. But it didn’t hold him back to squat a few brothers.

On our way, we made a stop at Rummu underwater prison. First, we wanted to explore the cliffs nearby. As Padlu aizbiedētājs saw the cliffs, he just went straight up like a true alpha, but soon realized that it was too steep of a cliff, turned around and continued with us on a more manageable route. Views were just magnificent, everything looked like on Mars. We sparked a few, took our shots and moved on to sunbathing and swimming.

Dārznieks and I wanted to explore the prison itself. And as we had years of experience in swimming we were the most qualified for this job. For me, the water was very cold, but we still swam all around and inside the prison searching for a way up the building. We found one dangerous option but decided to not proceed because it was slippery, I was shaking from the cold and the fall would result in guaranteed death.

Everyone was just chilling and enjoying the sun for a while. After an hour or so, boys got bored and we continued our way to Tallinn.

As we arrived at the villa that we thought we had booked, it turned out that only the house with sauna was included. And it was right next to the big house in which the owners lived in, moreover, they asked us to pay extra for four more people because it was just six beds in the house.

After having an intense crew meeting, we decided that our option was to haggle. After talking to the owner and saying we have no money to pay for extra people and that the money we paid him was our last, he agreed that we stay without a Booking contract and do not pay extra. It was more profitable for him that way and we didn’t mind the contract. For the rest of our stay, the owner and his wife were very polite and helpful.

As we had resolved the issue that could potentially have ruined our trip, there was just one thing left to do.

Written by Toms Bekeris

Edited by Kārlis Kalniņš

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